About Us


The CAPN's Mushroom Company is a veteran firefighter owned small business in Fresno, California. We're dedicated to providing gourmet mushrooms to people all over the world.
The founder is a full-time Fire Captain and Paramedic who sustained a debilitating, almost career-ending injury during a rescue operation. While he was recovering, the CAPN began researching natural remedies to help him heal. That's when he discovered the healing power of mushrooms.
The CAPN teamed up with his long-time college friend and together they began growing mushrooms in a small garage as a hobby. After multiple failures, they eventually began to consistently grow quality gourmet mushrooms for all of their friends and family.
Fast forward to today, The CAPN's Mushroom Company is a fully functioning commercial mushroom farm that grows all of the mushrooms, from start to finish, for all of our many products.
Our mission? To educate the world about the health benefits mushrooms give to our bodies and our planet.
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The CAPN as Himself