Growkit Timelapse by RapidLapse

Check out these awesome timelapse videos our friends over at RapidLapse video made of our Blue Oyster and Lions Mane growkits. They make all kinds of really cool educational timelapse growing video's. If you like what you see please subscribe to their YouTube channel HERE.

We use a specialized strain called "Sky Blue" in all of our Blue Oyster growkits because it is literally Sky Blue when it pins. It does gray up as the mushrooms mature, eventually lightening up, leaving a really nice blue hue around the outer cap. This mushroom has a meaty texture described as having a similar consistency of chicken. It has a light, nutty, mild mushroom flavor and tastes fantastic on your steak, or sautéed on their own. 

Our Lions Mane contains a specialized commercial strain called H3. This mushroom always guarantees the largest most beautiful mushrooms around. It has a meaty texture described as having the consistancy of sushi stick crab. It has a sweet, juicy, lobster/crab like taste and is considered a choice edible. This mushroom also boasts tons of added heath benefits that you can read about HERE.

The holidays are just around the corner and these growkits make great presents. All growkits are $25 if you buy them from us at our farmers market locations. $33 if we ship them to you.

You can see all of our Mushroom Growkits Here.

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